Linguistic preparation 

It is important before your departure to have sufficient linguistic skills to be able to follow courses and have a satisfying social life. By the end of your placement, you must be capable of presenting work and taking exams in the language of the host country/university. Consequently, it is recommended that you have a B1 language level in the language of study of your host university before you leave.
Note: many universities ask for a language proficiency certificate (issued by a recognised body). Enquire at the host university and take the necessary measures in advance.

NEW: Proof of English Proficiency by the Language Centre

Students of the University of Fribourg who need a proof of their english proficiency for the partner university, but do not necessarily need a TOEFL, IELTS or another official test, can now obtain such an English Assessment at the Language Centre.

English Assessment

Preparations before your departure 

It is recommended that you take a language course before your mobility placement. Several options are open to you:

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Centre de Langues de l'Université de Fribourg
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Preparations at the host university

Intensive courses are sometimes offered before the start of a period of study by the host universities. Some of these are validated by credit points. Enquire on the website of your host university.

Language proficiency assessment 

For information purposes, a test to determine your level of language proficiency is available at the following address (this cannot be used as a substitute for a certificate):

The English language portfolio allows you to assess your level (by means of assessment by a teacher, self-assessment and setting objectives). Moreover, the English language portfolio allows you to establish a record of your different language skills, showing your mobility placements and the certificates you have obtained.