Linguistic preparation 

It is important before your departure to have sufficient linguistic skills to be able to follow courses and have a satisfying social life. By the end of your placement, you must be capable of presenting work and taking exams in the language of the host country/university. Consequently, it is recommended that you have a B1 language level in the language of study of your host university before you leave.

Note: many universities ask for a language proficiency certificate (issued by a recognised body). Enquire at the host university and take the necessary measures in advance.


NEW: Pre-Semester Intensive Cambridge English Exam Preparation Course

 The Language Centre offers: 

  • highly effective preparation for B2 First, C1 Advanced, or C2 Proficiency exams;
  • targeted exam practice in reading, writing, speaking and listening papers;
  • tailored tuition by expert teachers.

Further information and registration

  • Proof of adequate language proficiency

    If your exchange university requires proof of language skills, please enquire which certificates are recognised.

    The following options are open to you for certifying your language skills:

    • Official tests (TOEFL, IELTS, DELF/DALF, Goethe-Zertifikat, etc.)
    • Language centre, if you are taking a course there
    • Dean's office, if you have already taken courses in the required language of study
    • Certificate from your high school at the time of the Matura
    • Proof of English Proficiency by the Language Centre: Students of the University of Fribourg who need a proof of their english proficiency for the partner university, but do not necessarily need a TOEFL, IELTS or another official test, can obtain such an English Assessment at the Language Centre.

      English Assessment


  • Preparations before your departure

    It is recommended that you take a language course before your mobility placement. Several options are open to you:

    Language Centre of the University of Fribourg
      +41 (0) 26 300 79 99



  • Preparations at the host university

    Intensive courses are sometimes offered before the start of a period of study by the host universities. Some of these are validated by credit points. Enquire on the website of your host university.

  • Language proficiency assessment

    For information purposes, a test to determine your level of language proficiency is available at the following address (this cannot be used as a substitute for a certificate):

    The English language portfolio allows you to assess your level (by means of assessment by a teacher, self-assessment and setting objectives). Moreover, the English language portfolio allows you to establish a record of your different language skills, showing your mobility placements and the certificates you have obtained.