Certified copy, “Apostille” (Legalisation)

Information by the Legal Affairs Service of the University (German, French)

Certified copy of the original diploma and attestations of the University of Fribourg

The Uni-Info office issues certified copies of the original diplomas and attestations of the University of Fribourg.


To obtain a certified copy of the original, please present yourself with the original documents at the Uni-Info office MIS:

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An identity document (identity card or passport) is required for verification.

If the applicant cannot appear in person at the Uni-Info counter, it is possible to request the desired certified copy(s) by e-mail.

For further information please contact the Uni-Info office directly.


The fee for a certified copy is CHF 5.00 per copy, payable on site and in cash.
A one-time fee of CHF 30.00 is charged for an e-mail request.


The Uni-Info office will make the required certified copy on site.
A request sent electronically shall be settled as soon as possible.


Legalisation of the original diploma (“Apostille”)

The Bachelor, Master, DEEM/LDM and Doctorate diplomas issued by the University of Fribourg bear handwritten signatures certified by the State Chancellery of the Canton of Fribourg.

If necessary, it is possible to have the authenticity of a signature on an official document certified by an “Apostille” (also known as “over-legalisation”). The State Chancellery is the only competent authority for this formality and performs it based on a certified copy of the diploma.


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