Possible funding 

  • Scholarship for a Master of China Studies Program at Zhejiang University

    Information sheet   Zhejiang University  Promotional video


    Thanks to a partnership between the University of Fribourg (Unifr) and the Zhejiang University (ZJU) in Haining, you have the opportunity to study one academic year in this prestigious Chinese university and participate in the Master of China Studies Program.

    Student will be registered for two-year master program at ZJU, where the first year is supposed to be spent on campus (Haining, Zhejiang), second year student can return to home university and carry on writing thesis.

    Program outline:
    The program is built on two interdisciplinary Tracks:
    - Chinese Business Studies (CBS)
    - Chinese Cultural and Society (CCS).
    Both of which ensure that you acquire a broad understanding of contemporary China and issues related to its economy and practice of business. More information is available here - page 3.

    The Scholarship includes:
    subject to confirmation of financial availability from the Zhejiang University authorities.

    1. Tuition waiver for the Master of China Studies Program at the Zhejiang University
    2. Free accommodation on campus
    3. Monthly stipend
    4. Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Plan for International Students in China

    Conditions (in addition to the basic conditions for an application for an exchange agreement):

    1. You must have been enrolled for one semester in a Master's program at the University of Fribourg. A copy of proof of your Bachelor's degree must be sent to the International Relations Office. 
    2. Pay your registration fees and be registered in a Master's program at Unifr during the year in China. A copy must be sent to the International Relations Office.
    3. Have a proven level of English: B2-C1with a certificate (TOEFL 90 or higher or IELTS 6.5 or higher).

    4. Demonstrate an interest in China.
    5. The following qualities are highly recommended: flexibility, adaptability and ability to deal with unforeseen circumstances.
    6. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health. Individual special cases will be reviewed separately.
    7. No Chinese language proficiency is required for the program at the moment.

    8. Students holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an English-instructed institution are waived from taking the IELTS or TOEFL

    Diploma and credit recognition at the end of the Program:
    - Receive the Master Degree of China Studies according to the conditions imposed by  the Zhejiang University.
    - Recognition of credits obtained for your Master's degree in Fribourg: please inquire with your faculty.

    Application and deadlines:
    Your application will take place in several stages: 
    1. Submit your application online to Unifr until: March 14 for the following academic year. The online application on your MyUnifr portal for the selection at the University of Fribourg.
    2. Study of your application and selection of your application by the IRO.
    3. After the IRO has transmitted your selection, you will receive the instructions by email on how to submit your application to the ZJU.
    4. Submit your application online to Zhejiang University until: March 31 for the following academic year.
    Limited number of places. If you have been selected, you must validate this choice.
    The final selection of successful candidates is the responsibility of the host university.

    Covid information:
    Given the complicated situation, ZJU has prepared a hybrid mode for Autumn 2021: On-site teaching will be available for students who can travel to China and be on campus by the end August 2021; online teaching will be available for those who cannot travel. As students will have to be registered for two years at ZJU, those who opt for the online study in 2021 are welcomed to go to China in 2022, to make up the missing internship.

  • Scholarship for Mexico

    The Embassy of Mexico, via the Leading House South America, would like to raise your awareness about the Scholarships Program for Foreigners of the Mexican government

    The scholarships are to finance (cf. p.4):

    - Graduate programs of four years (Licenciatura), max. 4 years of funding

    - Master Programs: max. 2 years of funding

    - Specialization: max. 1 year of funding

    - Doctorate Programs: max. 3-4 years of funding

    - Mobility Programs for undergraduate and master students: 1 school term ( 1 trimester, quadrimester o semester)

    - Mobility for Master students, PhD students or postdoc students: at least 1 month

    - Medical Specialties and sub-specialties: max. 3 years of funding

    For further information: https://www.gob.mx/amexcid/acciones-y-programas/becas-para-extranjeros-29785

  • Nordmann Scholarship

    Nordmann Scholarship for a placement of 1 or 2 semesters at the Hebraic University of Jerusalem 

    The Jean and Bluette Nordmann Foundation funds exchanges between the University of Fribourg and the Hebraic University of Jerusalem, which are open to teaching staff, post-doctoral, doctoral and Master's students of all faculties.

    Information for Master Students
    Information for PhD and post-doctoral students

    Founded in Fribourg in 1990, the foundation aims to promote the knowledge and study of Judaism and Christianity as religions and cultures, help strengthen Judeo-Christian dialogue and Israeli-Swiss relations, and develop scientific and institutional exchanges between Unifr and the Hebraic University of Jerusalem.

    Duration of the exchange:

    • 1-6 months for teaching staff and post-doctoral or doctoral students
    • One semester (or exceptionally, one academic year) for Master's students.

    Annual deadline for applications: 31 October by email to the International Relations Office of your home university.

    The number of places is limited. The final selection is made by the Jean Nordmann Foundation.

  • Swissuniversities

    On the Swissuniversities, website, you will find information about the different grants available to students for studying abroad. 

  • Rotary Club

    The Rotary Club Foundation provides scholarships for Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

    Rotary Club

  • Swiss Study Foundation

    The Swiss Study Foundation encourages curiosity, motivation and responsibility. It helps cover some of the costs of studying abroad. You can submit an application at any time. Here is some 
    additional information about applying.

    Fondation Suisse d'études


  • Swiss Association of the Friends of Finland

    This body awards scholarships to students for short study placements (2-4 weeks) in Finland.

    Deadline for registration : 15 october 2018

    General information (in german)

  • International Postgraduate Scholarship- Hong-Kong

    The Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) offers an International Postgraduate Scholarships (IPS), in which the Scholarships are merit awards for international students who are interested in getting a full-time (1-year) business master’s degree in Hong Kong.

  • Scholarships of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research

    The Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research will provide scholarships for students, graduates and scientists for the academic year 2020/21.

    The scholarships are advertised via Austria’s biggest online database for scholarships and research grants for all academic areas www.grants.at

    Financial support options for students, graduates and researchers range from classical grants and scholarships, allowances and prizes to extensive national, European and international research support programmes.

  • Heyning-Roelli Foundation

    The Heyning-Roelli Foundation provides scholarships to talented but financially underprivileged students for travel and subsistence expenses. More Information

  • Azrieli Foundation International Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

    The Azrieli Foundation is currently revamping its International Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, aimed at bringing 24 outstanding postdoctoral students from Europe and Canada to Israel each year. Fellows from all fields - natural and life sciences, social sciences and humanities - will come for two years, with the potential to extend the scholarship for a third year on the basis of excellence.

    The program includes:

    • Scholarship of  € 47,000 per year to cover living and research expenses (NIS 14,000 per month + NIS 20,000 for research expenses).
    • Ongoing support of program participants and their families throughout their stay in Israel, to ensure their social and emotional well-being.
    • Enrichment activities aimed at developing skills and promoting community leadership and involvement.

    Attached please find the Call for Applications, including key details about the program.  Further details regarding this generous scholarship can be found here.

    Registration closes on November 1, 2020.

    Call for Application

    We welcome your efforts in encouraging suitable candidates at your institution who completed their doctoral studies in Europe or Canada to apply to this scholarship fund for Postdoctoral studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Guidance on how to find a supervisor can be found here.    

    Please do not hesitate to contact Keri Rosenbluh (keriro@savion.huji.ac.il) at the International Office with any questions you may have. Moreover, if there is a more relevant contact at your institution for this email, I would appreciate your help in forwarding it onward on my behalf.

  • Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies (CIAS) : research grant opportunities for 2021/22

    The Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies (CIAS) has announced its research grant opportunities for the 2021/22 academic year.

    CIAS provides research fellowships for scholars with outstanding credentials. The fundamental goal is to create an inspiring and creative intellectual community.  

    Grants are made to citizens of any countries for a variety of research and educational activities (primarily advanced research and PhD teaching). 
    The CIAS awards provide international travel for the grantee to and from the host institution (CIAS) in Budapest and insurance. CIAS fellows receive stipend provided by CIAS. 
    Most grants are awarded for a period of one or two semesters (5 or 10 months) and in special circumstances, may be extended for limited periods. 
    Please see detailed information about the grants and check the online application platform on their website. 

    The deadline for applications is January 15th 2021. 


    If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact them via e-mail (cias@uni-corvinus.hu). 

    CIAS  brochure

  • Mercator Kolleg für internationale Aufgaben - Fellowship 2021/2022

    Das „Mercator Kolleg für internationale Aufgaben“ ist ein Projekt der Schweizerischen Studienstiftung und der Stiftung Mercator Schweiz in Kooperation mit dem Eidgenössischen Departement für auswärtige Angelegenheiten (EDA).

    Jährlich vergibt das Mercator Kolleg in der Schweiz 5 Stipendien an Hochschulabsolventinnen und -absolventen aller Fachrichtungen zur Vorbereitung auf internationale Führungsaufgaben (Aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie werden 2021/2022 nur 4 Stipendienplätze vergeben).

    Während des 12-monatigen Kollegs arbeiten die Fellows weltweit in zwei bis drei internationalen Organisationen, NGOs, Think Tanks oder Unternehmen zu einem Projektthema ihrer Wahl. Die Arbeitsstationen werden von den Fellows selbst ausgesucht und organisiert. Seminare zu Themen internationaler Zusammenarbeit sowie Soft Skills-Trainings runden das Fellowship ab.

    Das Programm 2021/2022 beginnt mit einem Vorbereitungsseminar im Juni 2021. Das Projektjahr startet im Oktober 2021. Das monatliche Stipendium beträgt CHF 3500.-. Darüber hinaus stehen weitere Fördermittel für Auslandsaufenthalte und Sprachkurse zur Verfügung.

    Bewerbungsschluss: 31. Januar 2021
    Ausschreibung Fellowship:

    Informationen: https://www.studienstiftung.ch/stipendien/mercator/

  • Université Saint-Anne - Canada

    L’Université Sainte-Anne du Canada lance le Programme de bourses d’études supérieures pour attirer les étudiants étrangers ou toutes personnes qui souhaitent effectuer un séjour d’études ou de recherches.

    Pour toutes informations veuillez contacter le secrétariat de l'Université.

    E-mail: secretariat@bourseunivsteanne.com

    Website: https://www.usainteanne.ca/

  • Lo Chia-luen International Sinology Scholarship

    The Office of Lo Chia-luen International Sinology Chair, National Chengchi University (NCCU) is pleased to announce its annual graduate scholarship grants for the academic year 2021-2022.

    1. The scholarship offers a monthly stipend of NTD 30,000 to MA students and NTD 50,000 to PhD students.
    2. The award period is 3 to 6 months (between September 2021 and August 2022). Scholarship recipients are required to execute their research at NCCU.
      * Due to the COVID19, entry into Taiwan for the time being is almost impossible. Foreign passport holders might enter Taiwan in Spring 2022. However, we can’t guarantee when the policy of Taiwan government and Ministry of Education will be changed. The actual execution period of the award depends on the situation. It can be postponed, if necessary. Applicants should take this uncertain factor into consideration before submitting application.
    3. The scholarship provides recipients from overseas universities with one round-trip, economy-class flight ticket.
    4. Applications should be submitted to the Office of Lo Chia-luen International Sinology Chair via email (sinologynccu@gmail.com) by June 15th, 2021.

    Applications should include the following documents:

    • Application form 
    • Research plan written in Chinese (maximum of 2,000 characters)
    • Curriculum Vitae (including a list of publications)
    • University certificate of enrollment and transcript
    • Two recommendation letters
    • A NCCU advisor consent letter

    For more information about the Lo Chia-luen International Sinology Scholarship, please refer to the latest news on the website