Traineeship with a SEMP grant

Students from European universities who do aa traineeship at the University of Fribourg (Unifr) or in an enterprise/organisation in Fribourg may be entitled to a grant under the Swiss-European Mobility Programme.

  • Conditions

    The conditions for obtaining a SEMP grant are as follows:

    1. The traineeship must take place during your studies and be recognised academically by your home university.
      Traineeships done after you have completed your studies cannot be funded by SEMP.
    2. The duration must be between 8 weeks and 12 months with at least a 80% rate of employment. Starting from 2021/22 the minimal duration is of 60 days between the first and the last working day, this is almost 9 weeks.
    3. During the traineeship, you must be enrolled as a student at your home university.
  • Grants
    • The monthly grant for a traineeship is CHF 440. Starting from 2021/22 the grant is calculated according the effective duration of the traineeship while counting 30 days for one month: SEMP grant = Duration of the traineeship in days times X (CHF 440 : 30).
    • The entire grant is paid at the beginning of the traineeship. If the traineeship is shortened, a reimbursement will be required. If the traineeship is extended, an additional amount can be granted under the condition of remaining available funding.
    • The number of grants per academic year is limited. Requests are treated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • How to apply
    1. The person in charge of your traineeship at Unifr or at the host enterprise in Fribourg must inform the International Relations Office about your traineeship by email (
      Thefollowing information about the trainee must be sent:
      • Last name, first name
      • Email address
      • Home university
      • Dates of the traineeship

        The request has to be done at least 4 weeks before the start of the traineeship. 

    2. You will then receive a link to register online. Please enclose the following documents when you register:
      • Application form signed by the home university
      • Learning agreement for a traineeship (LAT)
      • Insurance certificate
      • Copy of your valid passport or identity card
    3. You will receive confirmation of admission once your application has been checked, followed by the information about your IT account at the Unifr.
    4. Two weeks before the start of your traineeship the accompanying process starts on MyUnifr, during which you receive for example the grant agreement or the final report.
    5. The entire grant is paid at the beginning of the traineeship (please check the chapter “Grant”)
    6. At the end of your placement, you must submit a final reporton MyUnifr.
  • Prepare your stay

    Visa and residence permit



    Live in Fribourg

    Students with special needs

    Residence Permit