Living in Fribourg

Easy and not expensive

Looking for somewhere to live close to the campus at a reasonable price? In Fribourg, unlike in many other Swiss cities, this is still possible. There are several student hostels which offer inexpensive rooms.

The student accommodation service Apartis has rooms for about 365 CHF. If you prefer not to live in this kind of arrangement, have a look at the accommodation service of the AGEF (General Student Association of Fribourg University).

Monthly budget

The monthly budget for a student is between CHF 1600 and CHF 1900, taking the following items into account:

Rent, all-inclusive (shared apartment or single occupancy, about 50% more) 350–450
Telephone, Internet 100
Food 450
Clothes, personal hygiene 100
Health and accident insurance (up to and incl. the age of 25) 250
Study material, examination fees 100-150
Pocket money, leisure and cultural activities 150-200
Registration fees, cost per month 110-135
TPF (public transport) pass for Fribourg and surroundings 50