• If you have finished your studies or wish to interrupt them, you must deregister on the portal MyUnifr.
  • Once your deregistration is validated, a deregistration certificate is available on the portal MyUnifr.

 Deregistration for the end of the spring semester (31 July) is possible between 16 March and 15 October. Deregistration for the end of the autumn semester (31 January) is possible between 16 October and 15 March

 Deregistration requests submitted by mail or by post are not processed.

Reimbursement of the semester fee

If you have paid the semester fee but have not benefited of the University’s services during the current semester (e.g. by submitting a written assignment or attending an exam), you can submit a request for deregistration with a reimbursement of the semester fee on the MyUnifr portal, within the following deadlines: 

  • Autumn semester: 15 October
  • Spring semester: 15 March

 If you deregister after this deadline, your semester fee will not be reimbursed. Furthermore, you will be deregistered only at the end of the semester, i.e. on 31.01 for the autumn semester and on 31.07 for the spring semester.

Consequences of a deregistration

  • If you deregister, you can no longer attend a course, hand in or defend a paper, register for an exam, or benefit from the university’s infrastructure or services.
  • If, at a later stage, you wish to resume your studies at the University of Fribourg, you can submit a new online application for admission for a future semester on Inscruni.