University fees

Semester fee

 Henceforth, invoices and reminders for the semester fee are sent by email only, to your «» address. As soon as they are sent, they are also available on MyUnifr

  • How much does the semester fee cost?
    Basic registration fee* Tuition fee Semester fee (total)
    Students of Swiss or Liechtenstein nationality, students with a C residence permit or whose parents are domiciled in Switzerland or Liechtenstein CHF 115.- CHF 720.- CHF 835.-
    Foreign students CHF 115.- CHF 870.- CHF 985.-
    Doctoral students CHF 115.- CHF 180.- CHF 295.-
    Post-doctoral students CHF 115.- CHF 115.-

     All banking and exchange fee costs must be borne by the customer.


    * Detailed calculation of the basic registration fee:

    • General costs: CHF 28.-
    • Library: CHF 12.-
    • AGEF: CHF 20.-
    • Georges Python Fund (Uni-Social): CHF 30.-
    • Sports: CHF 15.-
    • Copyright costs: CHF 5.-
    • Campus Card contribution: CHF 5.-
      Total: CHF 115.-
  • When are the invoices sent?
    • Autumn semester: mid-July
    • Spring semester: mi-December

     Invoices and reminders for the semester fee are sent by email only, to your «» address. As soon as they are sent, they are also available on MyUnifr

     An invoice for the next semester may be sent to you despite the fact that you have finished your studies in the meanwhile. Should you have obtained your diploma and do not wish to pursue your studies, please ignore the invoice and deregister on the MyUnifr portal.


  • What is the deadline to pay the semester fee?

    Autumn semester:

    • Official deadline: 31 August
    • Final deadline: 30 September

    Spring semester:

    • Official deadline: 31 January
    • Final deadline: 28 February

     Students who have not paid their semester fee until the final deadline are automatically deregistered.

  • How can I pay my semester fee?

    The payment of the semester fee must state the invoice details for the relevant semester exclusively and can be made at the post office or by e-banking.

     We do not accept payment by instalments or by credit card.


  • Must I pay the semester fee?

    If you wish to attend a course, register for an exam, defend or hand in written assignments for assessment, you must be registered and therefore must have paid the semester fee.

    All courses, written papers and exams are linked to a particular semester. For example, an exam can be taken or a seminar assignment submitted during the month of September while being related to the spring semester. You must therefore check with your Faculty to which semester your written work is linked to.
    Please find below indicative dates for the lecture periods and the examination sessions. For more details or further information, in particular in relation with the submission of a written assignment, please contact your Faculty.

    Autumn semester

    • Lecture period:
      Mid-September – end of December

    • 1st examination session:

    • 2nd examination session (re-take):

    Spring semester

    • Lecture period:
      Mid-February – end of May

    • 1st examination session:

    • 2nd examination session (re-take):

     As a doctoral student, you must pay your semester fees during the full length of your studies, that is, until the end of the semester in which you will be defending your doctoral thesis.


  • When and how can I deregister?

    If you have finished your studies or wish to interrupt them, you can deregister on the MyUnifr portal.

    If you have paid the semester fee but have not benefited of the University’s services during the current semester (e.g. by submitting a written assignment or attending an exam), you can submit a request for deregistration with a reimbursement of the semester fee on the MyUnifr portal, within the following deadlines:

    • Autumn semester: 15 October
    • Spring semester: 15 March

     Deregistration requests sent by email or post will not be processed.


  • What can be done in case of financial difficulties with the payment of the semester fee?

    Please visit the website of Uni-Social.

Examination fees

The faculties are responsible for setting and collecting examination fees.