If an original document of official character, such as the diploma or diploma supplement, is lost or seriously damaged, a duplicate may be requested at any time.

Duplicate of the diploma

Following an application for a duplicate of a diploma, the Academic Directorate of the University of Fribourg draws up the document. The document is signed by the Rector of the University of Fribourg and the Dean of the faculty concerned, who is in office at the time of the application. The duplicate of the diploma, bearing the official seal of the institution, is then sent to the applicant by postal mail. 

Duplicate of the diploma supplement

As of 2020, the Diploma Supplement of the University of Fribourg will only be issued in electronic form. Each document is provided with a QR code verification system that gives access at any time to the issued electronic original, which can be downloaded into an Internet browser.

If it is not possible to restore this document, it is still possible to submit a request to the Academic Directorate of the University of Fribourg. The original electronic document will then be sent to the applicant.

For documents issued before 2020, a duplicate of the Diploma Supplement on paper may be required.

Procedure for issuing a duplicate

The application must be submitted electronically only by sending an e-mail to diploma@unifr.ch. Please indicate whether you wish a duplicate of the diploma and/or its supplement.

Personal data to be filled in:

  • Surname (at the time of obtainment), first name
  • Date of birth
  • SIUS number (if known)
  • Diploma degree course
  • Date or year in which the title was conferred


The fee for a duplicate diploma and/or its supplement is communicated upon confirmation of receipt of the application.


About three weeks


Academic Directorate
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