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International Student Exchange Programs or ISEP, allows students from ISEP member universities to study for 1 or 2 semesters at the University of Fribourg (Unifr).

Further information about ISEP

  • Conditions of admission

    To take part in a mobility placement with Unifr through ISEP, the following conditions must be met:

    • Membership of ISEP
      Your home university must be a member of ISEP.
    • Official nomination
      You must be officially nominated by your home university.
    • Sufficient language skills  
      You must be sufficiently proficient in the appropriate language to be able to follow courses. 
      Language requirements
    • Courses

      You must check that the courses available at Unifr correspond to your academic background.

  • Applications and deadlines for ISEP

    You must then follow the various steps in the ISEP application process to be accepted by Unifr.

    Application deadlines:

    • For the autumn semester: 15 April
      (reply from ISEP for placement at the host university: April)
    • For the spring semester: 1 September
      (reply from ISEP for placement at the host university: October).
  • Unifr: registration and deadlines

    As soon as Unifr has accepted your application on the ISEP site, a link is sent to your personal email address (NB.: Check your junk /spam folder regularly for legitimate emails). We invite you to follow this link to submit your application online.

    Deadlines for registration:

    • For the autumn semester:  SPECIAL DEADLINE: 30 April
    • For the spring semester: 15 October.

    You must submit the following documents (in Word or PDF format) with your application:

    1. Signed application form (summing up the online application)
    2. Checklist, duly signed
    3. Copy of your valid passport or identity card
    4. Study contract - your projected study plan
    5. Language passport or proof of language proficiency (language test result if possible)


    The International Relations Office will send you a confirmation of registration. This document is mandatory for your visa application.  

    If you are involved in an exchange through ISEP, you are exempt from registration fees at Unifr.

    For further information, please read carefully the chapter "Preparing your stay".

  • Grants

    All students undertaking an ISEP exchange receive a monthly grant of CHF 1'820 for five months. 

    Procedure to receive the scholarship:

    A few weeks before your arrival, the IRO will send you an e-mail containing information about opening a bank account in Switzerland to receive your grant.

    You have to come each month to sign the register to the office of the IRO according to the calendar. The amount will be transferred to your account every month.

    This grant is sufficient to cover all your costs during your placement in Fribourg (accommodation, food, health insurance, transport, etc.). Manage your budget maturely and responsibly during your stay. If you take part in the pre-semester intensive language course, the amount of your scholarship remains unchanged.

    At the end of your stay:
    If you leave Fribourg before January 31 or June 30, we will pay your January or June scholarship in proportion to the number of days spent in Fribourg. For example, if you leave Fribourg on January 15 or On June 15, we will pay 50% of your January or June scholarship.
    If you leave Fribourg before December 31 or May 31, we will pay your December or May scholarship in full, but we won’t pay your January or June scholarship. However, we will pay your January or June rent.

  • Prepare your stay

    Visa and residence permit

    Language requirements




    Residence Permit

  • Your studies in Fribourg

    Important dates

    Learning Agreement


    Grading system

    Academic advisors

    Share your experience

  • End of placement

    When your placement is drawing to a close, we would hope that you will have made the most of it and found it an unforgettable experience. Before you leave, do not forget the following.

    At the University of Fribourg:

    • Mobility students must send their record of studies (carnet d'études) by email to the International Relations Office to obtain their transcript of records.
    • Students on the Swiss Mobility programme are not required to keep a record of their studies. They should enquire at the Dean's Office of their faculty to have a certificate of grades drawn up.
    • You must fill in the "final report" form sent by the International Relations Office. Use this opportunity to let us know how we can make things even better for future exchange students.


    Your rental guarantee (deposit) may not be refunded in full in the case of damage or insufficient cleaning. Please clean your room and the communal areas regularly and make sure they are clean when you hand in your keys.

    Bank/postal account

    Close the bank or postal account you opened on arrival.

    Share your experience

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    Feel free to let others know about your mobility exchange, whether during your stay abroad or on your return, through a blog, on social media, when meeting other students, etc. Your international experience is rich from the academic, personal and social point of view. Give others the benefit of it! Don't forget to tag @unifr_international in your photos! Use hashtag #unifrinternational.