Swiss-European Mobility Programme Grant for a Traineeship in Europe

If you have found a traineeship in Europe and meet all the conditions set out below, you may be eligible for a grant under the Swiss-European Mobility programme. You can find out about the conditions and procedure to follow below.

For internships outside Europe, please visit the following website: Internships SEMP worldwide

  • Conditions
    1. The duration of the traineeship must be between 60 days (counting all days between the first and the last day at work) and 12 months with an activity rate of at least 80%.
    2. The traineeship must take place in one of the SEMP programme countries (list).
    3. The traineeship can take place at a partner university, in a public/private company, with NGO/NPOs, etc.

    4. The traineeship may take place after graduation, but must be completed 12 months after graduation at the latest. Note: the applications for a SEMP grant must be submitted before you graduate.
    5. A traineeship completed during the studies must be recognised in the context of the studies (credits or acknowledged in the diploma supplement, etc.)
    6. Students must be registered at Unifr at the time they apply for a grant.
  • Grants
    1. The monthly grant for a traineeship is CHF 440. The grant is calculated according the exact duration of the traineeship, based on 30 days for one month: SEMP grant = duration of the traineeship in days x (CHF 440 / 30). For the duration of the traineeship, all days between the first and last working day of the traineeship are counted.
    2. The grant is paid in two parts: 80% at the start of the placement, 20% after completion
    3. The number of grants per academic year is limited. Requests are treated on a first-come, first-served basis.
    4. Note: a student can obtain a SEMP grant for up to 12 months per level (Bachelor, Master, PhD). Study exchanges and traineeships are added together.
  • Green Travel Top Up

    SEMP students who choose to travel to and from the host-university by train or bus can benefit from a unique top up of CHF 100.- for more environmentally friendly mobility. The amount of the top up is independent of the destination (same amount for travelling to Lyon or Tartu) and cannot be split in case one way is made by train and the other by plane.

    If the Green Travel Top Up is requested, it must be indicated in the grant agreement. The travel receipts for the outward journey (at the beginning of the stay) and/or return journey (at the end of the stay) must be handed in together with the final report (on MyUnifr). Receipts for other travels during the stay are not accepted. The top up will be paid afterwards along with the remaining amount of the SEMP grant.

    Tips and tricks for travelling by train

    Arguments to travel by train

  • How to apply
    1. Search for a traineeship (paid or unpaid) in a participating European enterprise.
    2. Apply for a SEMP internship on your MyUnifr portal. Procedure
    3. Fill in the grant application on your MyUnifr portal and upload your transcript of records for past semesters. Deadline for submission of the application: 1 month before the start of the placement. Applications submitted less than 1 month before the start of the placement are not guaranteed to be processed. If your traineeship takes place after your studies, you have to submit the grant application one month before the end of your studies.
    4. The International Relations Office (IRO) will inform you about the result of your grant application.It is positive you receive by e-mail the information about the procedure. All further steps take place on your MyUnifr portal, where you can download and upload the different documents.
    5. Complete the Learning Agreement for Traineeship form with your host enterprise, along with the insurance declaration. Upload them on MyUnifr.
    6. The IRO will send you your Grant Agreement via MyUnifr.
    7. Complete the grant agreement and upload it on MyUnifr.
    8. Payment of the 1st part of the grant.(80%).
    9. At the end of the placement, have the Certificate of Attendance signed by the enterprise and fill in the Final Report. Upload them on MyUnifr.
    10. Payment of the 2nd part of the grant (20%).
    11. Contact your mobility coordinator/academic advisor for the crediting of your traineeship.
  • Prepare your stay



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