Language requirements

The teaching languages at the University of Fribourg (Unifr) are French, German and English. 

In the Faculty of Science and Medicine courses on Bachelor  level are taught in French and German. Therefore, it’s preferable if you have knowledge in both languages. On Master level all courses are taught in English.

All the other Faculties offer their studies in French and German. A variety of courses taught in English are offered as well, but mainly on Master level. Some faculties allow Bachelor student in their Master courses taught in English.

Language proficiency for Bachelor’s and Master’s students

No language proficiency test is required for exchange students (non-degree-seeking students) who come to study at Unifr. However, having a B2 level, before you arrive, in the language or languages in which you will be taking tuition is recommended. During your stay, you have the opportunity to improve your language skills. 

Language skills for researchers (Unifr grants, Confederation scholarships and self-funded placements)

The language used in research is usually English. It is also recommended that you are able to speak at least one of the national languages to facilitate your integration in Fribourg and the University. You will also have the opportunity to improve your language skills during your stay.

Language courses

  • Before the start of the semester: Intensive French course

    The Language Centre holds intensive pre-semestral courses in French in collaboration with the International Relations Office (3 weeks before the autumn semester and 2 weeks before the spring semester). 

    These courses will help refresh your French language skills or introduce you to a new language, which will facilitate your integration in Fribourg and at the University. You will meet other students (mobility and local students) and have the opportunity to discover the town of Fribourg and the region thanks to a variety of activities.

    Classes are established according to the number of students and their respective levels, ranging from level A2 to advanced level (C1).

    • for students coming as part of a partnership agreement with a foreign university Course fees are between 300 CHF (the course before the spring semester lasts 2 weeks) and 400 CHF (the course preceding the autumn semester lasts 3 weeks) depending on the chosen course.
    • for other students, for scholarship holders, etc. Course fees are between 500 CHF (the course before the spring semester lasts 2 weeks) and 600 CHF (the course preceding the autumn semester lasts 3 weeks) depending on the chosen course.
    Validation of the Course

    The course before the autumn semester (duration 3 weeks) is worth 6 ECTS credits while that before the spring semester (duration 2 weeks) offers 4 ECTS credits. 

    Obtaining a certificate requires regular attendance and active participation in the various class activities and tasks.

    Registration: Registration form

    Registration deadlines:

    • 15 July 2021 for courses in the autumn semester (August 2021)
    • 15 December 2021 for courses in the spring semester (February 2022)

    Contact: International Relations Office .

    Further Information: Language Centre

  • Before the start of the semester: German intensive preparation course

    The German intensive preparation course before the start of the autumn semester 2021 has been cancelled.

  • During the semester

    The University’s Language Centre offers free language courses.

    Language courses