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The University of Fribourg is a place where learning, research, employment and events all happen at the same time. Its innovative force makes it an important mover in the commercial and cultural life of the region. Since it attracts students and researchers from every part of Switzerland and from all over the world it has shaped life in the bilingual city of Fribourg since it was founded in 1889.


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Extreme political circles, fertile ground for conspiracy theories

The results of two international surveys of more than 100,000 participants across 26 countries show a correlation between belief in conspiracies and identification with the extreme left and, even more…

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Gut bacteria linked to infant sleep patterns

A study led by the universities of Fribourg and Zurich and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation shows that the link between sleep behaviour and intestinal flora is already present in infancy.

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Swapping spit helps ants share metabolic labour

New findings from University of Fribourg show how fluids passed mouth-to-mouth in a colony of ants allow them to divide and share metabolic labour and adapt to the colony's needs.

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