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The University of Fribourg is a place where learning, research, employment and events all happen at the same time. Its innovative force makes it an important mover in the commercial and cultural life of the region. Since it attracts students and researchers from every part of Switzerland and from all over the world it has shaped life in the bilingual city of Fribourg since it was founded in 1889.



Machine learning to accelerate discovery of antimalarial properties in plants

A new study finds that machine learning could speed up the discovery of plants with potential antimalarial properties. Researchers, supported by ML models developed by SIB's (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)…

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New antimicrobial coatings for bacteria-free surfaces

Preventing the transmission of microbial infections is a global challenge, particularly in settings where bacteria can be easily transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces. A nationwide research…

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Teaching Islam in schools promotes tolerance

The growing religious diversity in Switzerland poses new challenges for schools as well. With this in mind, experts from the Universities of Fribourg and Lucerne have investigated various school teaching…

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