Campus Card

When you are registered at the University of Fribourg and have paid your semester registration fee you will receive your Campus Card which serves the following purposes:

  • student identity card;
  • library card for all the libraries affiliated to the Cantonal and University Library as well as all libraries belonging to the Bibliopass Network;
  • an electronic credit for photocopy machines, the student refectories, cafeteria and drink vending machines;
  • the right to take part in University sport;
  • proof of identity giving access to cinemas at reduced rates, to bookstores, for ski lifts and public transport, as well as special student rates when available.

If the Campus Card is lost or stolen: Uni-Info can produce a new card on the spot, just go to their office. The new card will cost CHF 20.

The Campus Card should be updated at the beginning of each semester by means of the interactive terminals situated in the University buildings.