Non-refundable financial aid from the University

  • You are going through a difficult financial period

  • You are having difficulty reconciling your studies with a job

  • You have received a negative response from the cantonal scholarship

  • You are having difficulty financing your university fees


We can offer non-refundable financial support to students enrolled in a bachelor's, master's or doctoral course of study.

Foreign students, who have to prove that they have sufficient financial means when they enter Switzerland, can receive financial aid from their third semester of study following their entry into Switzerland.


Application for financial support

To apply for financial support, you need to fill in the form and attach the necessary documents (you can send your application even if you have not yet collected all the required documents).
As soon as we receive your application, we will contact you to make an appointment.

Application for financial support 


Consultations & appointment

We offer individual consultations by appointment.

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