Sports program

The University Sports Service offers a varied programme that promotes physical, mental and social balance in student life. It provides a platform for exploring different sporting disciplines, whether for beginners wishing to learn from scratch or for sports enthusiasts keen to hone their skills. Students have the opportunity to take part in matches with like-minded people, engage in unrestricted training and dedicate themselves to an activity over several days, or even weeks, through intensive courses.

As well as balance, the sports department offers opportunities to focus on health-related themes. Whether it's prevention, strengthening or even the rehabilitation of physical weaknesses, Unisportuni is versatile and focused on all areas.

Top sportsmen and women have various opportunities to improve their performance and measure themselves against other athletes, even at the highest level. At university level, this means taking part in internal and national tournaments, the Swiss University Championships, the European Championships and even the World Championships and the famous Universiades.

In a broader context, students can discover passions and cultivate them not only during, but also after university life. The range of courses currently on offer includes, on average per semester week, over 140 courses in more than 80 sporting disciplines. Under the motto "Everyone can, no-one has to", there's something for everyone.

The website contains a wealth of detailed information, and the offers on the website are authoritative.