Student associations

AGEF, the student association of the university of Fribourg)

All students registered at the University of Fribourg are automatically members of the student association AGEF (Association générale des étudiant-e-s de l’Université de Fribourg). The aim of the AGEF is the safeguarding and promotion of the interests of all students. The AGEF provides an organized structure for all possible student activities whether they are cultural, have to do with university politics or are of social nature. Every student can benefit from the services of the AGEF. The AGEF office is the initial place for inquiries. More exact information concerning the services provided by the AGEF can be found on the internet as well as the opening times for during the vacation period.


The AIESEC is an international student organisation for the discovery and development of professional potential.
Since its founding in 1967, the AIESEC Fribourg has participated in this organization which is represented in over 100 countries all over the world. The organization aims to give students from all faculties the possibility, in a practical setting, to discover and develop their professional and personal potential. Each member of the organization receives a choice of opportunities with international perspectives, but most of all, the possibility of doing an internship abroad. Further diverse conferences, training possibilities and workshops are also proposed.

ELSA, European Law Students Association

ELSA stands for «European Law Students Association» and is an internationally recognized, independent, politically neutral, non-profit-making organization of law students and young lawyers. The aim of ELSA is to promote the exchange of law students, young lawyers and law teachers, and to create a platform for international contact and insight into other legal systems and cultures.


AV Fryburgia

Do you want to do more than just study and make new friends? Then come and join the AV Fryburgia. We are an academic student club of the Swiss student association. Students from the University of Fribourg from a wide range of disciplines and from all language regions meet at our club. For all those who want to get out of the bubble. You also get help with your studies and a wide network of contacts is open to you. Fryburgia, that's friendships for life - since 1918. Get to know us! We look forward to meeting you and getting in touch.

Swiss Study Foundation

The Swiss Study Foundation encourages talented students with wide interests at Swiss universities and advanced technical colleges whose personality, creativity, and intellectual capacities suggest future exceptional achievements in science, economics, culture or politics. Since 1992, the aim of this private non-profit-making foundation has been to support young persons capable of and willing to assume responsibility in society. The students and postgraduates admitted to the promotional program will benefit from a wide range of additional professional training, financial support, individual supervision and counseling as well as access to a large network.