Psychological support

  • Is ill health making it difficult for you to complete your studies?
  • Do you feel exhausted and despairing?
  • Do you suffer from a psychological disorder?

We can guide you in seeking the right help and advise you in finding coverage for healthcare costs.


Psychological assistance - Consultation and therapy


  • personal consultations and crisis interventions in terms of short-term therapies (maximum 10 sessions)
  • supervision and situation-specific coaching
  • workshops for students on specific topics (procrastination, dealing with stressful situations at the university, social anxiety, etc.)

Target Audience

  • students and staff of the university
  • secondary school students (secondary school, FMS, apprentices)


  • For students and staff of the University of Freiburg: the first consultation is free of charge, for each additional consultation, CHF 20.- per session will be charged for students and PhD-students, for Post-Docs and employees CHF 40.-.

Important: Uni-Social covers incurring consulting expenses for students with limited financial resources.

For secondary school students consultation is gratuitous.

How To

To make an appointment or for further inquiry concerning our workshops please contact us:

In case of absence we ask for a message on the day before the appointment until 17 o'clock. Unexcused dates will be charged. 


+41 26 300 70 41