Stop delaying things for tomorrow

Who hasn't been tempted to put off studying for an exam or even working on a major thesis?

Procrastination means always postponing tasks and activities that could be done on the same day. The effects of this habit are particularly problematic when the deadline for a paper or the start of an exam session is approaching.


Identify reasons and excuses

It's essential to learn about yourself in order to understand and modify your behavior. In order to do this, you need to take time to reflect on yourself and the pretexts you use, in order to identify the real reasons behind your habit.

Is it 

  • Stress
  • Need for recognition

  • Anxiety

  • Demotivation

  • Refusal to submit to a requirement

  • Tiredness

  • Lack of interest

  • Laziness

  • Higher priorities

  • Doubts

  • Self-deprecation

  • Fears 

  • Fear of failure

  • Perfectionism

  • To avoid an unpleasant situation

  • Habit

  • Work better under pressure


How to overcome this

  • Planning your timetable in advance helps you to visualize the time slots available for study. By taking into account important deadlines, the week's lesson plan and important appointments, it will be easier to determine the time remaining, see organization - planning & time management. voir organization – planning & time management.
  • Establish priorities by taking into account your own tempo, your needs, the requirements of your studies and your private life.
  • Dedicating specific time slots to certain tasks increases the chances of getting them done.


  • Setting small, precise and reachable goals, then starting with the easiest tasks, helps to boost motivation.


  • Splitting tasks into sub-tasks (neither too long nor too short) helps to improve productivity, visualize the work to be done, assess the time needed to complete it, and make the content more manageable and accessible. Opt for tasks that can be completed in under an hour.

  • Taking regular breaks after each hour's work oxygenates the brain and improves concentration.



The 5-minute trick consists in dedicating a maximum of 5 minutes to the study of a task which, at first sight, would be rather discouraging. By setting this micro-objective, feelings of control and freedom remain intact, and open up the possibility of continuing or not after the deadline has passed, without anxiety or remorse. Achieving the goal after 5 minutes encourages you to move forward, either on your own or using the Pomodoro method.

The Pomodoro method is a highly effective tool which consists of splitting a task into 25-minute sessions. This technique is ideal for overcoming procrastination. To use this method, it's essential to define the task in advance, then set a timer for a 25-minute period. When the time is up, take a 5-minute break, then start a new 25-minute cycle. Proceed in the same way, systematically increasing the pause time by a further 5 minutes. Once again, this helps to set easily attainable goals and stimulate motivation.

Avoiding distractions, especially those provided by connected devices, helps to maximize your focus and concentration. Procrastination is easily induced by the possibility of doing something that we consider more interesting. Turning off the wifi, using airplane mode or limiting notifications from social networks helps to put you in the mindset to study.

Reward yourself. Once a task has been completed, don't hesitate to give yourself a well-earned reward!


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