Culture and Social life

If you feel like unwinding or just want to clear your head after lectures, the University of Fribourg offers a range of rich cultural opportunities.

Student center «Centre Fries»

The Centre Fries is the student center of the University of Fribourg. Since 1969, this attractive center of culture, surrounded by a garden, has been managed by students and is open to all students for conferences, discussions, workshops, concerts and festive occasions. The various facilities (rooms, kitchen, workshop, photography lab, rehearsal room, laundry) can be used or hired for prearranged activities. The cultural offerings include theatre performances, literature and cinema evenings and diverse workshops. More information on the programs during the semester and the possibility of hiring rooms can be found on their web site.


Each semester the University Cinema Club organizes a cycle of films on a special theme (e.g. women, relationships, the orient, new Hollywood). The films are normally in a 35mm-format projected on screen, preceded by a supporting film. The presentations normally take place on Wednesdays from 20.00h in the cinema room (Miséricorde 2030). The cinema club also organizes films outside the cycle, but within the framework of special projects (debates, conferences, etc.).
A single entry for students costs CHF 8 (non students CHF 10). Season tickets are also available at a reduced price. The income is used to cover incidental costs (author rights, 35mm-copies, etc.). The current programme and additional information can be found on the web site.

Choir of the University and the Jeunesses musicales (CUJM)

The Choir of the University and the Jeunesses musicales (CUJM) is composed mainly of students, but others are welcome.

The rehearsals take place on Tuesday evenings from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm in the reading room (MIS 2112).

The rehearsals begin in the fall semester and end in the spring semester with a concert weekend.

The program is published on the web site during the summer.

Chamber Choir of the University of Fribourg (CCUF)

At the University of Fribourg, the chamber choir’s repertoire extends from the renaissance to the present day. Members include “experienced” amateur singers, who must meet strict vocal and musical demands. The choir performs many concerts, both at home and abroad, either a cappella or accompanied by piano, organ, an instrumental ensemble or an orchestra. Singers as well as students who are interested can enroll for one or more projects per year. The rehearsals take place on the weekends in Fribourg.

City and University of Fribourg Orchestra

This symphony orchestra with about 50 members is principally amateur, but is assisted by a few professional musicians, in particular the leading string instrumentalists. Two programs are rehearsed each year and presented in Fribourg and elsewhere. In addition, the orchestra plays for official University occasions such as the Dies Academicus and Europe Day. The rehearsals take place on Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm in the Vignettaz School. All members of the University community who play a musical instrument and who are prepared to rehearse regularly and practice at home, are very welcome to join. Current information on the programs and rehearsal schedules can be found on the web site.


Fribot is a yearly robotics competition organized by students from the University and the College of Engineering of Fribourg.
During one day, using Lego Mindstorm kits and Java, the participants (school children, students and all those who so desire) develop and program robots which compete against each other. No preparation is required to have fun and pleasure. Even those who are not computer scientists have fun at this event.