Studies & Disability

The University of Fribourg takes the specific needs of disabled students into account during their university studies.

It offers support for questions of access to buildings, infrastructure or disability adjustments in relation to studies and exams.

Mrs. Nathalie Lambert, responsible for the integration of students and staff with disabilities, is at the disposal of disabled students to provide preliminary, personalised advice.

Disabled students are asked to declare their disability when applying online using the application for disability adjustments form.


Procedure for submitting an application for disability adjustments   

  1. Please complete the application for disability adjustments form, which is available on Inscruni when you apply online or on Myunifr if you are registered at the Unifr.

  2. Send the documents required to process your application for disability adjustment as soon as possible at the address below.

    List of documents required to process your application
    A. The application for disability adjustments form.

    A recent medical certificate (dated 3 months ago or less). The medical certificate consists of a detailed appraisal indicating the diagnosis in accordance with the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10 or ICD-11) and specifying the degree of severity of the disability. The diagnosis should be complemented by details of the impact of the functional impairment on study-related activities.

    This document must be produced in French, German, Italian or English.

    C. A copy of the decision made by your school (school-leaving year)/your university or a summary of the disability adjustment measures to which you were entitled during your secondary school years.

  3. Your application for disability adjustments will be processed first of all by the Head of the unit responsible for integration of students and staff with disabilities who will contact you, if necessary, to arrange an appointment.

  4. Your application will then be forwarded to the respective Faculty.

  5. The Faculty will let you know what action will be taken in relation to your application.



The disability adjustment measures granted to students are valid for the duration of their studies – unless their health requires a readjustment. 

In case of changes in degree or study programmes, please contact the Head of the unit responsible for integration of students and staff with disabilities.


Deadlines for submitting an application for disability adjustments

  • for people who are not registered at the Unifr:

30 April

for the following autumn semester.

30 November

for the following spring semester. 


  • for people who are registered at the Unifr (from the 2nd semester):

30 June

for the following autumn semester.

31 January

for the following spring semester.

We strongly recommend that you submit your application for disability adjustments as soon as possible, as processing applications takes several weeks.


Persons and organisations in charge of handling student disability-related issues  

The student’s specific needs will be discussed in an interview after reception of the application for disability adjustments. As a general rule, the Head of the unit responsible for integration of students and staff with disabilities will take charge of logistics issues concerning access to university buildings (use of platform stairlifts and other lifts), infrastructure, classrooms, parking spaces and other facilities.

The faculties will decide as to the disability adjustments related to studies and examinations. 


The Apartis Foundation for student accommodation is at students’ disposal for all questions concerning lodgings.

Persons with reduced mobility

Site plans of the University of Fribourg (in French and German)

Provision of wheelchairs:
In case of need/emergency, the Unifr can provide you with two wheelchairs:

- Misericorde site:
MIS01, room 1022 (infirmary), available via the number
026 300 95 00 (concierge on duty)

- Pérolles site:
PER21, room C021 (infirmary), available via 026 300 93 00 (concierge on duty)

Students with autism spectrum disorders

autism&uni (in French)


Nathalie Lambert
Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Office
Integration of students and staff with disabilities
Av. de l'Europe 20
1700 Fribourg