Apartis’ rooms to rent

Several tenants will leave their room outside of the regular terms and are looking for a successor.

Take this opportunity!

To receive the list of these rooms, send us an e-mail



Swiss Energy Day 2017

Apartis got its certification "Site 2000 Watts" for the Fonderie's project.



Internet and TV

All rooms rented by Apartis (excepted Sonnenberg and Foyer des Jeunes) are equipped with an internet socket.

The internet connection is independent of all other services. At any time you can ask the provider to seal the TV socket. Your internet connection would not be interrupted.


Do you want to use a wifi system?

Contact us on! A wrong configured wifi equipment can be the cause of troubles in the network of your building. That’s why we propose a free configuration of your wifi system.


Useful application for smartphone

The Red Cross from Fribourg got an free smartphone application with several phone number: emergency, pharmacies on duty, other numbers and useful services.

[for iphone] [for android]