Stress management

To be in full possession of one's abilities

Stress is a common condition that is part of our daily life. It is usually positive, provided one succeeds in recognizing one's own limits and gaining a sense of self-mastery..


Identifying the source of stress

To successfully combat stress, you must first understand where it comes from. When preparing for an exam, is it fear of failure? A lack of preparation? Too much work that needs to get done?

Once you have identified the possible sources of stress, you will be able to find appropriate solutions.


Dealing with stress

Stress does not only occur at exam times, but can arise at any given time. The point is to use some - mostly personal - strategies to prevent the stress from reaching a stage where it can hardly be managed.

The techniques for coping with stress usually have to be learned and, above all, practised until the positive effects become noticeable. The choice of technique is personal and depends strongly on the individual personality and one's own needs. Some will succeed in coping with stress using relatively classical techniques such as breathing, relaxation or meditation exercises, others will need to establish individual techniques such as exercising, listening to music, taking a bath, going for a walk in the woods, etc. In short, it is about engaging in an activity that allows the body to distance itself from anxiety.

After a certain regularity of exercise is reached changes begin to occur within the brain.


On the date of the exam

  • Remember to breathe properly! Breathing is a key element in stress management. By focusing on your breathing, you will not only be able to calm your body by restoring it to a slower rhythm, but also your mind by pushing aside stressful thoughts and focusing only on your breathing.
  • The right preparation! The best way to avoid stress at the moment of the exam is to act with foresight and have all chances on your side through good preparation. Optimal preparation for the exam will allow you to feel comfortable with the exam material and thus have better control over your knowledge.


You feel overwhelmed?

Once you get caught up in a stressful situation, it can become too difficult to apply stress management strategies. If you feel overwhelmed and depressed, please contact the Psychological Counseling for Students for support.



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