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Open Science covers topics like Open Access to publications, Research Data Management (RDM), Data Management Plans (DMP) and Open Data. At UniFr, specialists in different units and services are available to help you with your Open Science-related questions.

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Research Data Management & Open Data

DMP Check
Contact: Pierre Bordard
Or contact:
DMP Courses
Contact: Pierre Bordard
Olos Data Repository
Contact: Pierre Bordard
Funding Open Data
Data Storage & Technical support
Data Protection

Open Access (to publications)

Open Access (general question)
Contact: Thomas Henkel, +41 26 300 93 31
Contact: Thomas Henkel, +41 26 300 93 31
FOLIA Open Access Repository
Contact: Jonathan Donzallaz
APC Reduction
Contact: Jonathan Donzallaz
Publish your Thesis online

Folia - your local library contacts

BFD - Library of the Faculty of Law
Vladimir Colella
BHAP - Library of Art History and Philosophy
Histoire de l'Art : Claire-Lyse Curty-Delley
Philosophie : Matthieu Neyroud
BHT - Interfaculty Library of History and Theology
Donatus Düsterhaus
BLE - Library of Foreign Languages and Multilingualism
Moritz Sommet
BLL - Library of Languages and Literatures
Moritz Sommet
BP2 - Pérolles2 Library (Science, Informatics, Sport)
Pierre Brodard
DOPKE - Library of the Faculty of Science and Medicine
Mimita Zabana
EOC - Library of Eastern and Middle European Studies
Moritz Sommet
IPC-HPI - Library of Special Needs Education
Elisabeth Longchamp
PSPE - Library of Psychology and Educational Sciences
Anne Devenoges
SCANT - Library of Science of Antiquity
Claire-Lyse Curty-Delley
SDU - Library of the Institute of European Law
Madeleine Bieri
STS - Library of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work
Pierre Brodard:

Intellectual property & Copy-rights

Creative Commons Licences
Contact: Thomas Henkel, +41 26 300 93 31
Intellectual Property
Contact: Knowledge & Technology Transfer Services

Research Related Identifiers

Contact: Dr Efrain Ochoa Martinez +41 26 300 73 35
Contact: Thomas Henkel, +41 26 300 93 31
Contact: Thomas Henkel, +41 26 300 93 31