The Doc.Mobility fellowships are now available to all Unifr doctoral students who wish to carry out a scientific project in a research institute abroad before completing their thesis.

Main provisions:

  • Have been a doctoral student matriculated at Unifr for at least 12 months at the time of application.
  • Remain matriculated at Unifr throughout the stay abroad period.
  • Not be funded by the SNSF.
  • Return to Unifr to complete the PhD at the end of the period abroad.
  • The host institution abroad is different from the place of study and/or Bachelor/Master's graduation.

  • The host institution is different from the one where the doctoral partnership or the thesis co-tutorship takes place.

  • The host institution is not located in the candidate's country of origin.

  • The duration of the stay is minimum 6 months and maximum 12 months.

  • The stay starts at the earliest 3 months after the submission deadline and at the latest 9 months afterwards.

  • The start date is always the first day of the month, and the end date is always the last day of the month.

  • The amount of the grant depends on the destination and the individual situation of the applicant. The rates and eligible costs are listed in the documentation on the right.

  • Funding is not retroactive, and no additional sum can be awarded after the grant has been obtained.

  • Recipients employed as graduate assistants take unpaid leave throughout the period covered by the grant.

The Regulations and Implementation Guidelines (on the right) contain the full terms and conditions of the programme and must be consulted before applying.

  • Application submission

    The documentation on this page must be consulted to prepare and complete the application.

    Only applications that comply with the criteria and requirements are eligible.

    The application must be submitted exclusively via the online form on the right, at the latest by the submission deadline.

  • Application assessment

    The Research Promotion Committee of the University of Fribourg evaluates the projects and decides on which projects to fund at its biannual meetings, usually in April and October. 


    2024 Committee meetings:

    18 April 2024

    11 October 2024

  • Award decision

    The Commission's decision is communicated to the candidate in writing only, at the earliest two months after the submission deadline.

    The candidate's thesis director at Unifr receives a copy of the decision.

  • Release of the grant

    The grantee must request the release of the scholarship via the online form on the right.

    This request can be submitted at the earliest 30 days before the beginning of the stay; the amount of the scholarship will be credited to the beneficiary's account within 30 days.

  • Project completion

    The grantee submits a final report at the end of the project, at the latest 6 weeks after the end date of the project (online form on the right).

    This report is respectively sent to the thesis director at Unifr, the supervisor abroad and the Research Promotion Committee, for comment and approval.

Submission deadlines

  • 1st March
  • 1st September

Grants awarded

Since 2021


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