OLOS - a Swiss research data platform

What is it about?

OLOS is a national platform for sharing and archiving research data. OLOS complies with the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) as well as with Swiss legislation and European regulations.

As the University of Fribourg is a founding member of the OLOS association, its researchers can use the platform to deposit their research data.

Test Access

Researchers of the University of Fribourg have the possibility to test OLOS in a test environment:  https://sandbox.dlcm.ch/home

Submit your research data to OLOS !

If you wish to deposit your research data on OLOS, please fill in this  webform

Once submitted, a UniFr librarian will contact you, answer your questions and accompany you throughout your project.


OLOS is a national platform with professional services that ensure the security and durability of its stored data. Consequently, its use generates costs. These costs may be covered by e.g. the SNSF (under the condition that they have been included into the budget and do no exceed the limit imposed by the SNSF). For more information on this subject, please contact research@unifr.ch.

For projects where such funding is not available or insufficient, the scientific IT team within DIT participates on a subsidiary basis. Each research group has an amount of CHF 2'000 per year available for all Scientific IT services, including OLOS. For more information, please contact scientific-it@unifr.ch).