In order to fulfil the task assigned to it by the Canton of Fribourg in the University Act and making full use of its autonomy, the University of Fribourg promotes quality, responsibility and readiness to engage in dialogue.



The University of Fribourg

  • offers an excellence in education in science to its students, based on the competence and availability of its staff
  • strives to offer the best conditions to study, research and work
  • develops centres of competence that ensure research and vocational education and training on a high level
  • systematically conducts a high quality promotion policy.

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The University of Fribourg

  • is committed to a society that respects ethical principles and requires social justice
  • offers the possibility to deepen the values of Christian humanism in a spirit of intellectual openness
  • favours young scientists and the presence of women in teaching and research
  • encourages vocational education and training of its employees.

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The University of Fribourg is committed to sustainable development in research, teaching and operations.

  • Building on the existing centres of "environmental humanities" and "environmental sciences", it promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching.
  • It is committed to promoting a sense of responsibility among its employees, students and society for a balanced use of resources.
  • It wants to conceive the campus as a place where sustainability and actions for sustainable development are supported, communicated and practiced.

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Readiness to engage in dialogue

The University of Fribourg

  • is a cosmopolitan institution that cooperates with Swiss and international Colleges and Universities
  • participates in the multicultural dialogue, particularly between the four national cultures of Switzerland
  • encourages bilingual studies and degrees in French and German
  • valorizes interdisciplinary in education and research
  • favours a culture of communication, transparency and participation within the university community
  • strengthens its external relationships, particularly those with the canton and the city of Fribourg.

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