Alexandre Gachet, Director of Administration - [Photo:]

Administration Directorate


  • Multi-year planning, budgets and statements of account; 
  • Management and coordination of various services:
    • Human Resources,
    • Finances,
    • Buildings,
    • Equipment and Logistics,
    • University Sport,
  • Management and coordination of various sections: 
    • Uniprint,
    • Archive,
    • Telephone switchboard,
    • Restaurants und Cafeterias.


Representing the Rectorate:

  • Quality Assurance Committee;
  • Sustainability Committee.


Representing the University:

  • Buildings Working Group;
  • Nursery working group.


Representing the Canton:

  • Chairman of the Foundation Council of Switch.



The Administration Directorate comprises various sections which provide services to all employees of the University:

Human Resources Service

This service provides clear and precise information in the areas of personnel administration and human resource management. By devolvement and in collaboration with the Administrative Directorate, it employs the University's staff (with the exception of members of the professorial staff).

Financial Services

This section manages and keeps the accounts of various sources of funding (budgets, SNSF and third-party funds). It also provides the data for financial statistics, such as the data resulting from cost accounting.

Building Services

The main responsibility of Building Services is the renovation and maintenance of the University’s buildings and the planning of new infrastructure. It is also responsible for the management of electronic databases and of the facilities in the buildings.

Infrastructure service

This service fits out workstations and teaching spaces and manages lecture theatre reservations. It is also responsible for the locking-up arrangements, car parks, removals and installations and for the staff taking care of the lost-and-found service and maintenance.

University Sport

University Sport offers sporting activities for the university community as well as for the surrounding universities of applied sciences. These activities serve as a balance to studying, but also as a chance to discover a lifetime sport.



Maintenance of the archives of the central bodies, faculties, university student organisations and subordinate units when they are no longer needed. It also ensures their preservation and availability.

Restaurants and cafeterias

Known as ‘Mensas’, these facilities offer full meals as well as snacks.


Large numbers of course materials, posters, printed matter, etc. are produced in this in-house printery.

Telephone switchboard

Receives and forwards telephone calls.