Make sure that you have sufficient financial resources for the entire duration of your stay.

Switzerland has not adopted the euro and its currency is the Swiss franc (CHF). The cost of living in Switzerland is high.

Nevertheless, you have the possibility of doing numerous sports free of charge at the University of Fribourg and the student associations organise many cultural events.

It is recommended that you allow for a budget of CHF 1,600-1,900 per month (not including insurance). This amount is approximate and depends on your lifestyle. Manage your budget maturely and responsibly during your stay. Do not forget unforeseen expenses, such as possible travel, ski outings, etc.


Montly budget

The following costs are taken into account:




Rental, including charges (shared accommodation, individual accommodation approx. 50% more)

350 - 450

Phone, internet




Clothes, toiletries


Health and accident insurance – variable according to age

250 - 330

Course materials, examination fees

150 - 250

Pocket money, recreation, cultural activities

150 - 200

Transport costs: TPF season pass for the Greater Fribourg region