Courses and examinations

You are free to choose which courses you attend, depending on the requirements of your home university. You can choose courses from the five faculties. 

In the course catalogue you will find all courses offered at the University of Fribourg. You can filter the courses by semester («SA» means Fall semester and «SP» means Spring semester), teaching language and faculty.

The list of courses for the next academic year might not be available at the time you are applying. The best in that case is to consult the year in progress. The faculties update the course catalogue every year between April and July.

Note: not all courses are open to mobility students.

The courses of medicine at the Faculty of Sciences and Medicine as well as the practical courses of sport sciences are not open to mobility students. You can take sports courses at Unisport but there is no credit recognition.

Good to know: Intensive courses / Conferences (Cours intensifs bloc – Block Kurse) are offered and are to be found on the web sites of the Departments and on TimetableThose are generally taught by guests Professors and the schedule is not always available until the beginning of the semester.


    After drawing up your Learning Agreement (study contract), and depending on the faculty in which you wish to study, you must register online for the courses on your MyUnifr portal. Please consult the guideline for course registration .

    For students taking courses at the Faculty of Law, a special information session is held at the start of the semester.


    You must register for examinations on MyUnifr.
    The examinations are held at the end of the semester:

    • From the end of December to mid-February for the fall semester
    • From the end of May to the end of June for the spring semester and the academic year.

    Note: check the registration and examination dates for each faculty.

    Exams session: according to the faculty it may not possible to shift an exam. Please verify at the beginning of the semester.

    Registration for the exam: you must register for the exam. Each faculty has its own deadline. For each course, verify by which faculty it is given in order to know the deadline for registration.

    Language of the exam: usually the language of the exam is the same than the one used during the course.

    Duration of the exam: mobility students do not always have more time during the exam. You have to ask.

    Type of exam: written, oral, exercises during the semester, oral presentation. Verify the method of examination and validation at the beginning of semester.

    Exams marks: you will be able to consult your grade via your online portal MyUnifr