Solidarity with foreign researchers and students in emergency situations

The University of Fribourg commits itself, within the scope of possibilities, to helping and welcoming researchers and students who find themselves in an emergency situation due to a crisis situation in their home countries from all over the world.

For those already at Unifr

Unifr can support students and researchers who are facing financial difficulties due to crisis situations in their countries of origin (e.g. due to difficulties in getting money transfers from their home country, extension of scholarships…).

If you need financial support, please do not hesitate to contact the International Relations Office: or the Uni-Social Office:

If you need to talk with someone about the current situation, do not hesitate to contact the Unifr Psychological Council: +41 26 300 70 41

For those who need to leave their country of origin

Unifr is a member of Scholars at Risk and hosts several scholars through this programme.

Please contact the International Relations Office:

The University of Freiburg has a long tradition of accepting people who have had to leave their country for political reasons. Refugees have the opportunity at our university to continue the studies they started in their country of origin or to start a new degree programme.

Information for refugees wishing to study at the University of Fribourg