Solidarity with Ukraine

The University of Fribourg strongly condemns Russia's military intervention in Ukraine, which massively violates the international law. It fully supports the declarations of swissuniversities and its partner institutions and networks.

Unifr commits itself, within the scope of possibilities, to helping and welcoming researchers and students from Ukrainian universities. Unifr also offers its support to Russian students and researchers who find themselves in a difficult situation through no fault of their own.

For those already at Unifr

Unifr can support students and researchers who are facing financial difficulties due to the crisis (e.g. due to difficulties in getting money transfers from their home country, extension of scholarships…).

If you need financial support, please do not hesitate to contact the International Relations Office:

If you need to talk with someone about the current situation, do not hesitate to contact the Unifr Psychological Council:
+41 26 300 70 41

For those who need to leave Ukraine

For researchers

Unifr is a member of Scholars at Risk and hosts several Scholars at Risk from Ukraine. The funding for Scholars at Risk offered by the Swiss National Science Foundation is now exhausted. SNSF informs on the following website about other funding opportunities:
SNSF Ukraine

Contact at Unifr for researchers from Ukraine:

For students

BA, MA and PhD students who are enrolled at a Ukrainian university and have received the refugee status S may come to Unifr as host students (non-degree seeking students). Study fees are waived.

Recent high school graduates are not eligible to enrol at the Unifr and are asked to contact the Department for education and cultural affairs of the canton of Fribourg:

For more information, please contact: