Sabine Krause

Department of Education and Teaching Sciences

RM 02 bu. S-1.102
Rue P.A. de Faucigny 2
1700 Fribourg
RM 02, S-1.102
Tuesday: 13:30-14:30


I was born and raised in GDR, but people brought down the Berlin Wall at the right moment for me: Berlin at my doorstep, the future open. It is my habit to look deeper into things, explore different angles, find other stories, research them and learn everything possible. Fascinated with pictures, I became a professional photographer and later studied Education, European Ethnology (Cultural Anthropology) and Jewish Studies. I lived in different places and traveled quite a bit more, crossing borders here and there. I met all kinds of people and learned so much from them, and I am still curiously looking forward to all that is to come in future. After Vienna, Dortmund, Koblenz, Madison (Wi) and Innsbruck, I found home at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) as a Professor of Education and Globalization.

Research and publications

  • Research area

    Research area:

    • Boundaries and borders (in) education science (historical and systematic perspectives)

    • Photography as access and path of knowledge in Educational Science

    • detoxing narratives - Narratives as a challenge in educational science ( )

    • De*colonial thinking and reasoning in education

    • Rethinking Teacher Education: Qualifications for Internationally Trained Teachers (link to book "Making of Teachers", DOI 10.5040/9781350244184)

    • Philosophical and qualitative methods and methodologies in education studies

Teaching and courses

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