Welcome to Unifr

Are you arriving from another country to the University of Fribourg?

Here you can find information that will facilitate your first steps in the country and will help you settle down in the region, either alone or with your family. We aim to give you a good overview about the Swiss system and the life in Fribourg. In these ‘Welcome Information to Newcomers’ pages, you will find advice for the best start in professional and private life.

This information is general but is aimed to cater the needs and questions of:

  • Professors
  • Post-doctoral students
  • Guest researchers 
  • Doctoral students

What we offer:

  • Online information regarding your steps before arrival to Switzerland
  • Guideline for the logistic matters related to your setting up
  • Information about work, health, child care, insurance and more

 Please be aware that Switzerland is a federal state and that most aspects of administration are handled at the canton level, e.g. taxes, car registration, schools. Many aspects of daily life vary from canton to canton, such as language, school holidays, official holidays and store opening hours.

The Unifr is spread over several locations in the city of Fribourg.

Campus map

Moving in - before and after arrival

Living and working at the UniFr

Family, partner and children