Research integrity

Swiss Reproducibility Network (SwissRN)

UniFr is a member of the SwissRN which is a national, peer-led consortium of researchers that aims to promote and ensure rigorous research practices by  sharing methods and workflows used in a project. 


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Ethics in Research

Research involving humans and human embryonic stem cells, animal experiments, research with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), pathogens and personal data is regulated by national and international legislation. In order to find the appropriate steps in conducting Ethical research please consult the information in myUniFr.

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Data Protection

Projects involving the collection and processing of personal data are regulated by the Cantonal law on data protection and transparency. 

For questions related to data protection Please contact  the Data Protection Officer of the University of Fribourg (

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Plagiarism detection

Most scientific writing is based on research done by others. It is thus essential to respect other researchers by properly acknowledging their work and giving the appropriate citation.

Researchers from the University of Fribourg can use the plagiarism detection tool Compilatio, handled by the Centre NTE.