Jean-Louis Berger

PhD in Education, Geneva University 2008

 +41 26 300 7542

Educational psychology

Motivation to learn


Self-regulated learning

Epistemic beliefs

Department of Education and Teaching Sciences

RM 02 bu. S-3.103
Rue P.A. de Faucigny 2
1700 Fribourg
Monday: morning and afternoon
RM 02, S-3.103


My research interests are at the intersection of education and psychology. More specifically, I investigate self-regulated learning, metacognition, learning strategies, help seeking, motivation and teaching practices influencing it, teacher motivation, teachers’ knowledge, and beliefs.

Research and publications

  • Publications
    71 publications
    Journal article. Margareta M. Thomson, Zarifa Zakaria, Jean-Louis Berger, “Motivational Typologies among Teachers and Differences Within”, International Journal on Studies in Education (21.3.2023)
    Edited book. L’apprentissage autorégulé (De Boeck. (Collection Pédagogies en développement), 2023)
    Journal article. Jean-Louis Berger, Jan, D. , “Motivation et perspectives professionnelles d’apprenti·es du commerce de détail.”, Didactique (2023)
  • Research projects

    Scholars at Risk support for Tetyana Vereshchahina
    Start: 01.05.2022 - End: 30.04.2023

Teaching and courses

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