Cristian Carmeli


 +41 26 300 9475

Population health science, life course social epidemiology, chronic diseases, health policy, ageing biomarkers, causal inference

Senior Researcher
Master of Medicine

ARS 02 bu. 286
Rte des Arsenaux 41
1700 Fribourg
Monday: morning and afternoon
ARS 02, 286


Dr. Cristian Carmeli, PhD, is a quantitative scientist with expertise in biostatistics, epidemiology, and machine learning methods. He is senior lecturer (Maître d’Enseignement et Recherche) in health data science at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Cristian holds a PhD in applied dynamical systems from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL), and has had experience in applied research from clinical neuroscience to bioinformatics. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Cristian harnesses heterogenous big data and leverages cutting-edge analytics to better characterize determinants of population health for life course epidemiology. Latest research efforts are rooted in enhancing causal criteria through mechanistic ‘omics analyses, and applying counterfactual mediation and econometric methods. His current research interests involve collaborators at University of Toronto, Turku, Toulouse, University College London, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Fribourg. At the heart of Cristian’s pedagogical aims is advocacy for sound methods, promoting such in the mentoring of students and in collaborations.