Eric Pohl

Department of Geosciences

PER 14 bu. 2.232.1
Ch. du Musée 4
1700 Fribourg
PER 14, 2.232.1


My research interests generally revolve around "water", be it the temporal and spatial analysis of precipitation distributions, the hydrological cycle, or erosion in the high mountains of Central Asia driven by meltwater and precipitation. The development of methods to model the driving processes and to analyze these results, as well as spatial and temporal data in general, is a special focus.
Currently, I am working with Martina Barandun and Martin Hoelzle in Central Asia to determine glacier runoff and then use this data to validate numerical code to describe the relevant melting processes. Furthermore, I am working on a database for a multi-parameter permafrost measurement station in Siberia in cooperation with the LSCE, Paris-Saclay, which will be used to validate a thermo-hydrological model.

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