Changing the duration of your placement

In certain situations, you might be forced to extend or shorten the duration of your placement. You must provide a reason for doing so.

Extending your placement

  • If you wish to extend the duration of your placement, we suggest that you contact the International Relations Office of your host university yourself to see whether an extension is feasible.
  • If the answer is yes, you must then place a request with Unifr's IRO and provide proof that your host university agrees to you staying one extra semester.
  • The IRO will review your request and notify you of its response as swiftly as possible.
  • If an extension is accepted, you must draw up a new study contract and have it validated by your academic advisor at Unifr and at your host university.

The SEMP grant corresponding to the extension of your placement will be paid to you when you have submitted your study contract. It could be the case that when you ask for an extension, the IRO may not be in a position to guarantee a SEMP grant for the extra semester. Confirmation will be sent to you in April.

Under the SEMP programme, a placement during the spring semester can be extended to the autumn semester but is considered as being a second placement. Complete a new outgoing application for a mobility placement on your MyUnifr portal and inform the IRO that you have done so by email.

Shortening your placement

  • If you have to shorten your placement at your host university, you must notify the International Relations Offices of Unifr and your host university.
  • If your exchange is part of the SEM programme, you must have your placement certificate signed by the host university's International Relations Office. This document will allow you to calculate the duration of your placement and the amount of grant that you will have to refund.