Information for teachers

  • Teaching
    1. Courses with more than 50 participants on site in the same room shall be conducted by distance learning.
    2. Courses with 50 or fewer participants present in the same room may be held on site. Premises in which such events are held may not be filled beyond a third of their capacity.
    3. Insofar as face-to-face events are held in accordance with para. 2, it must be ensured that they can also be followed without physical presence at the university (e.g. by means of suitable teaching units online, by live streaming of the event or by making suitable materials available on Moodle).
    4. The restrictions or requirements according to par. 2, 3 do not apply to teaching activities which cumulatively fulfil the following requirements:
      • These are activities with a highly interactive character (such as seminars), work in laboratories or studios, or clinical practical work.
      • The activity is a necessary part of the course or structured educational programme.
      • On-site presence is required.
      • The number of participants present on site at the same time shall not exceed 50.
    5. More restrictive provisions of the faculties remain reserved.

    In addition, the rooms can only be used to one third of their capacity. Teachers can adopt the Moodle-based registration solution developed by the IT Department's Center for Teaching and New Technologies (DIT-NTE) for on-site attendance. Students can register for the course in question online on Moodle. Once the capacity threshold is reached, all others will follow the course remotely.

  • Examinations

    The provisions set out above apply analogously to the examinations. Otherwise, and insofar as they are in accordance with the guidelines on prevention, the Rectorate's guidelines of 12 October 2020 (in French) on the conduct of examinations and other proof of performance to be furnished shall be decisive for the examinations.

    Please also consult, with regard to the exams, the faculties' websites:

  • Teleworking

    In accordance with the decisions of the Federal Council and the State Council of the Canton of Fribourg, teleworking is obligatory if the nature of the activity allows it and it is possible without disproportionate effort. The direct superiors/responsible persons of the organisational units define for the employees reporting to them the form in which the activities are carried out (teleworking or presence on site), in compliance with the health protection measures. Employees who are particularly at risk (supported by a medical certificate on request) carry out their work at home.

    It is incumbent on the supervisors or heads of the units/groups to draw up attendance and prevention plans for their own staff and other persons (especially students), for which they are responsible and which comply with the general requirements.

  • Libraries

    The activities and services of the libraries are carried out and offered, with a special regime being set up which takes account of the rules and preventive measures as well as the distance requirements. Lending is possible in accordance with the conditions laid down by each library. Detailed and up-to-date information can be found on the library portal.

  • Meetings

    Internal meetings or on-site events involving more than 15 persons are prohibited; they may no longer be organised or must be cancelled. 

    Exceptions are meetings of university bodies and commissions that cannot be postponed, organised by videoconference or by means of circulation; these meetings may be held in person up to a maximum of 50 people.

    If meetings or events are permitted in attendance, the protective measures must be observed and a list of participants must be kept.

    Irrespective of this and in general, it is recommended to limit the holding of meetings and events in attendance form and to organise meetings preferably via the MS Teams application. MS Teams can be accessed from the corresponding page of the IT service catalogue (in German or French), or by logging in directly at with your university ID (e-mail address and password).

  • Events

    Business trips should be limited as far as possible. In addition, the federal regulations on quarantine apply, and it is recommended to follow the guidelines and recommendations of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA).

    The provisions set out about meetings apply accordingly to events in which external persons participate.

    The organisation of aperitifs is prohibited.

    Coffee breaks during meetings and other events are prohibited.

 Please take note of the additional provisions of each faculty regarding the conduct of teaching and exams: