Information for students

  • Teaching

    Courses are generally held in attendance form. Access to these courses is permitted to those persons who have a valid COVID 19 certificate. 

    As usual, teaching materials are provided and/or designated for all courses. These are adapted accordingly in the case of distance learning.

    Only persons with a valid COVID 19 certificate are admitted to the other classroom events and activities in the field of teaching and research (e.g. excursions for teaching and/or research purposes, practical work, laboratory activities).

    The Rector may, if necessary with the prior consent of the Dean of the Faculty concerned, grant exemptions from the COVID 19 certificate requirement for important reasons for events and activities. In this case, the premises in question may be filled to no more than two-thirds of their capacity.

  • Examinations

    For the examinations, the Rectorate's guidelines of 12 October 2020 (in French) on the conduct of examinations and other proof of performance to be provided shall be decisive.

    Please also consult, with regard to the exams, the faculties' websites:

    The premises in which the examinations take place may only be filled to two-thirds of their capacity, unless they are occupied only by persons holding a valid COVID-19 certificate. The validity of the certificates of all persons present must be checked beforehand.

  • Libraries and reading rooms

    The activities and services of the libraries, which require a stay on the premises of the libraries, are reserved for those persons who have a valid COVID-19 certificate.

    Detailed and up-to-date information can be found on the library portal.

    The publicly accessible reading rooms are also reserved exclusively for persons with a COVID-19 certificate.

  • Public Counters

    The university counters are generally open according to the regular schedule. For the current status and opening hours, please refer to the respective websites.

  • Opening of the University buildings

    The university buildings are open at their usual times. We reserve the right to decide otherwise if the situation so requires.

    Opening hours of the University buildings

  • University Restaurants

    Persons aged 16 and over are only permitted access to the university restaurants and cafeterias if they have a valid COVID-19 certificate. Please consult the university restaurants website for details of opening hours.

  • Sport facilities

    Information about the sports offer is available on the website of the University Sports Service

    Indoor sports activities are restricted to persons holding a valid COVID-19 certificate. This restriction does not apply to activities carried out on a regular basis within the same group of up to 30 people, registered with the organiser, in separate rooms equipped with effective ventilation.

  • Army and Civil Protection

    Applications for leave of absence against the background of the Covid 19 pandemic due to a marching order of the Swiss Armed Forces, a draft of the civil protection or an official draft of another public institution are to be submitted to and will be handled as follows with immediate effect and until further notice:

 Please take note of the additional provisions of each faculty regarding the conduct of teaching and exams: