Information for researchers

  • Teleworking

    Teleworking is recommended if the nature of the activity allows it. The direct superiors/responsible persons of the organisational units define for the employees reporting to them the form in which the activities are carried out (teleworking or presence on site), in compliance with the health protection measures. Employees who are particularly at risk (supported by a medical certificate on request) carry out their work at home.

    It is incumbent on the supervisors or heads of the units/groups to draw up attendance and prevention plans for their own staff and other persons (especially students), for which they are responsible and which comply with the general requirements.

  • Meetings

    Outdoor meetings or events in attendance form with more than 1000 people are prohibited unless a certificate is required. Less restrictive regulations of the Federal Council or the Council of State remain reserved.

    The organisers of internal meetings or indoor face-to-face events may stipulate that only persons holding a valid COVID-19 certificate may participate in them. In this case, they shall ensure that persons employed by the University who do not hold a COVID-19 certificate may participate online.

    Internal meetings involving both persons with a valid COVID-19 certificate and those without a certificate shall be conducted online as far as possible.

    If internal meetings or events in face-to-face form in indoor rooms are not restricted to persons with a valid COVID-19 certificate, the rooms in question may be filled to no more than two-thirds of their capacity. In addition, seating is compulsory, whereby one seat must be kept free in addition to two occupied seats, if possible, or an equivalent distance must be maintained between the seats. The maximum number of persons attending on site is 30; they must be known to the organisers. The restriction on the maximum number of persons attending does not apply to meetings of university bodies and commissions that cannot be postponed.

  • Events

    At indoor face-to-face events attended exclusively by external persons or external persons and members of the university community, all participants must have a valid COVID-19 certificate.

    At aperitifs inside the buildings, all participants must have a valid COVID-19 certificate. This requirement does not apply to aperitifs outside. The hygiene measures and the minimum distance rules (see A.) must be observed.

    Coffee breaks at meetings and other events may be held inside the buildings with a maximum of 30 participants, whereby seating is compulsory. This limit does not apply in the outdoor area. The hygiene measures and the minimum distance rules (see A.) must be observed.

    Coffee breaks inside attended exclusively by persons holding a valid COVID-19 certificate, the maximum number of participants permitted under number 17 shall not apply, provided that the validity of the certificates of all persons attending is verified.

    With regard to business trips, it is recommended that these should be limited as far as possible and that they follow the guidelines and recommendations of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA).

  • Fixed-term contracts

    The Rectorate plans to extend expiring fixed-term contracts of researchers financed by the university's regular budget in cases where the termination of employment due to the COVID 19 crisis has serious consequences for those concerned (e.g. because they were unable to advance their PhD thesis as intended). Since the individual constellations in this regard vary greatly, the Rectorate asks those affected to contact the faculty and the Rectorate together with their superiors or to draft the corresponding applications.

Current information

17.04.2020 - Updates on new Covid 19 calls

Launch of National Research Programme (NRP) "Covid-19"

The SNSF is launching on behalf of the Federal Council a special National Research Programme (NRP) "Covid-19". This special programme will aim to generate recommendations for overcoming the corona crisis in Switzerland,

The call will be open between 30 April and 25 May 2020.

Press release of the Swiss government on NRP “Covid-19”

17.04.2020 - AXA Research Fund

Exceptional Flash call: Mitigating risk in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Topics Focus (applications only in English): 

  • Protecting vulnerable populations from epidemics and catastrophes, including COVID-19
  • Improving data collection and quality in health
  • Understanding the effects of confinement and social distancing
  • Early warning and preparedness
  • Preserving the environment and our health 

Eligibility: 6-10 years after PhD
Deadline: 7 May 2020
IMPORTANT: only one candidate per Department, so has to be coordinated.

Read the Guidelines

01.04.2020 - Updates from the SNSF

SNSF has launched two websites regarding the corona-related situation. They aim to clarify questions the researchers might have, such as: new deadlines, salaries, adherence to timetables and budgets and more. Those pages are being regularly updated.

25.03.2020 - Updates Concerning H2020 Policies

In relation to the COVID-19 outbreak, new Horizon 2020 FAQs have been posted.

19.03.2020 - Important Notices for Researchers

Concerning your running and future SNF projects, please refer to the website of the SNF where detailed information, e.g. about possible prolongations, and possible deadline changes are advertised.

The Research Council meetings take place as planned, just virtually, hence no delays in decisions are to be expected in the current situation.

Extension of deadlines in Horizon 2020 (not for IMI and EIC-SME). Detailed information on the Funding & Tenders Portal.

Innosuisse has not planned any changes in procedures so far. They are, However, open to adjustments on a case-by-case basis.
Innosuisse advises to check with the academic's partner industries if there are problems meeting the deadlines, in which case  the industries should ask Innosuisse for a deadline change.

For more information please consult the Innosuisse page