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Last update on 30.06.2021

Adapted Guidelines and New Teaching Principles for the Autumn Semester 2021

The epidemiological situation continues to improve and the overall conditions for universities are largely returning to normal. Therefore, we can look forward to an (almost) normal autumn semester. In the wake of the Federal Council's decisions, the Rectorate has therefore also once again adjusted the Corona guidelines. The following aspects in particular are new:

  • Anyone who tests positive no longer has to report
  • There is no longer an upper limit on the number of participants for courses. The only restrictions are the obligation to wear a mask and the limitation of capacity to two-thirds of the room.
  • Teleworking is no longer compulsory, but only recommended insofar as the nature of the activity allows it. However, a general obligation to wear a mask still applies also at the workplace.
  • Coffee breaks and aperitifs in the outdoor area are again possible without restriction, and in the buildings up to 30 people (with compulsory seating).

In agreement with the faculties, the Rectorate has also drawn up principles for teaching from the autumn semester of 2021 (FR/DE). 



Last update on 11.06.2021

Vaccination for all members of the university community

As part of the vaccination programme, the canton of Fribourg is offering two full days to students and staff of the University of Fribourg at the Vaccination Centre Forum Fribourg. This vaccination campaign will take place on 7 and 12 July 2021 from 9 am to 5 pm. If you would like to be vaccinated in this framework, please fill in this registration form by Wednesday 23 June 2021.



Last update on 31.05.2021

Vaccinated, recovered or tested

If the distancing rules cannot be consistently adhered to at certain attendance events, only persons who have been officially recognised as vaccinated, are deemed to be recovered or can show a negative test result may be admitted under certain circumstances. All details in the guidelines


Last update on 28.05.2021

Some restrictions are lifted now – a full return to campus in the autumn semester

The decreasing number of cases and the progressive vaccination of the population have enabled the Federal Council to lift many restrictions. The easing restrictions from 31 May – more will probably follow shortly – concern the classrooms (that may now be used to a maximum of half previously one third), the examinations in attendance form (permitted with up to 100 people per hall, previously 50) as well as internal meetings or events (now for up to 50 people previously 15).


Last update on 16.04.2021

Face-to-face teaching up to 50 people allowed again

The Federal Council's easing measures allow a partial return to on-site teaching in higher education. Classroom-based courses with up to 50 participants are permitted. However, the rooms may not be filled beyond a third of their respective capacity. Teachers can use the Moodle-based solution for on-site attendance developed by the IT Directorate's New Technologies and Teaching Centre (DIT-NTE). Students can enrol for the respective course online on Moodle until the threshold is reached. All others will follow the course remotely.


Last update on 25.02.2021

Small easing measures from March onwards

In the wake of the Federal Council's decisions, the libraries and university buildings can once again be visited during normal opening hours from 1 March. The two refectories in Miséricorde and Pérolles will reopen from 8 March 2021, but for the time being only during reduced opening hours. However, all cafeterias and the Regina Mundi refectory will remain closed for the time being.


Last update on 27.01.2021

Spring semester starts with remote teaching

The spring semester 2021 will start on 22 February with remote teaching with very few exceptions and will remain so at least until Easter. For the time being, the libraries, including the reading rooms, as well as most of the counters are open. In addition, various lecture and seminar rooms are available for individual study until 19 February.


Last update on 30.10.2020

University teaching with few exceptions only online

The University of Fribourg is significantly affected by the Federal Council’s latest ordinance. Compared to the situation in March during the spring semester, however, there are some differences. Certain activities in small groups remain possible and buildings and libraries remain open. Read the guidelines


Last update on 23.10.2020

All lectures again in distance learning

In accordance with the new restrictions adopted by the Cantonal Government on Thursday 22nd October 2020, the University will dispense until further notice all its lectures, i.e. those involving more than 50 registered students, by distance learning. Seminars and group work can be maintained on-site. The faculties or departments may make further organisational adjustments (including an expansion of distance learning) and will inform those concerned accordingly. The university buildings will remain open during normal working hours and the libraries will continue to offer their services.


Last update on 20.10.2020

Two services in telework

Due to two diagnosed cases, two central services will continue their professional activities by teleworking. To date, a total of about seventy members of the university community have tested positive. For this reason, the Rectorate has made the wearing of masks compulsory in the buildings and recommends teleworking. Read the guidelines