Vytautas Volungevicius



Research interests:

Medieval history

History of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Premodern history of East-Central Europe

Theory of history (Historik)

Philosophy of history

Historiography (Geschichtsschreibung)

Senior Researcher
Department of Geosciences


Vytautas Volungevičius specializes in the premodern history, especially in the history East-Central Europe (Ostmitteleuropa) and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Besides, he focuses on the theory of history (Historik), historiography and philosophy of history (translations of significant texts of theory/philosophy of history from French and German). After finishing his PhD at Vilnius University in 2014, for several years he taught and researched at the Department of History at Vilnius University. At the moment Vytautas is working as a scholarly assistant of Dr. Katja Doose on the SNF Project Timescapes of ice: Soviet glacier science in Central Asia, 1950s to 1980s“ (2021‒2025) leading by Prof. Christine Bichsel. Moreover he is writing history handbooks (in Lithuanian) for secondary school.