Christian Bochet

Department of Chemistry

PER 10 bu. 318
Ch. du Musée 9
1700 Fribourg
PER 10, 318

Research and publications

  • Publications
    90 publications
    Journal article. Bantzi, M. and Augsburger, F. and Loup, J. and Berset, Y. and Vasilakaki, S. and Myrianthopoulos, V. and Mikros, E. and Szabo, C. and Bochet, C.G., “Novel Aryl-Substituted Pyrimidones as Inhibitors of 3-Mercaptopyruvate Sulfurtransferase with Antiproliferative Efficacy in Colon Cancer”, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 64.9 (2021), p. 6221-6240
    Journal article. Melong, R. and Tamokoue Kengne, P.C. and Dzoyem, J.P. and Fusi, A.A. and Allemann, E. and Delie, F. and Bochet, C.G. and Beifuss, U. and Kapche, G.D.W.F., “New cytotoxic obacunone-type limonoid and others constituents from the stem bark of Carapa procera DC (Meliaceae)”, Natural Product Research (2021)
    Journal article. Bochet, C.G. and Harvey, F.M., “Is there a photochemical Hammond postulate?”, Chemical Science 12.2 (2021), p. 599-605
    Journal article. Chetioui, S. and Djedouani, A. and Fellahi, Z. and Djukic, J.-P. and Bochet, C.G. and Zarrouk, A. and Warad, I., “Cu(II) coordination polymer bearing diazenyl-benzoic ligand: Synthesis, physico-chemical and XRD/HSA-interactions”, Journal of Molecular Structure 1229 (2021)

Teaching and courses

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