Martin Hölzle

Department of Geosciences

PER 14 bu. 3.335
Ch. du Musée 4
1700 Fribourg
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PER 14, 3.335

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    139 publications

    On the hydrological significance of rock glaciers: A case study from Murtèl rock glacier (Engadine, eastern Swiss Alps) using below-ground energy-flux measurements, ground-ice melt observations and hydrological measurements
    Martin Hoelzle, Dominik Amschwand, Seraina Tschan, Martin Scherler, Bernhard Krummenacher, Anna Haberkorn, Christian Kienholz, Lukas Aschwanden, Hansueli Gubler, (2024) | Preprint

    Correlation between environmental variables and slope movements in the Ala Archa catchment, Kyrgyzstan
    Simon Allen, Rainer Gardeweg, Tamara Mathys, Martin Hoelzle, (2024) | Preprint

    Multi-seasonal land cover changes of South Peruvian Highland Andean ecosystems
    Martin Hoelzle, Catriona L. Fyffe, Vinisha Varghese, Evan Miles, Francesca Pellicciotti, Joshua Castro, (2024) | Preprint

    Permafrost in talus slopes: what are the main drivers of low temperatures and ice content ?
    Dominik Amschwand, Christian Hauck, Tomasz Gluzinski, Christin Hilbich, Martin Hoelzle, Tamara Mathys, Coline Mollaret, Sarah Morard, (2024) | Preprint

    Surface heat fluxes at coarse-blocky Murtèl rock glacier (Engadine, eastern Swiss Alps)
    Bernhard Krummenacher, Dominik Amschwand, Martin Scherler, Martin Hoelzle, Anna Haberkorn, Christian Kienholz, Hansueli Gubler, (2023) | Preprint

    Insights into and findings from global datasets on glacier distribution and changes
    Michael Zemp, Ann Windnagel, Ethan Welty, Bruce Raup, Frank Paul, Samuel Nussbaumer, Fabien Maussion, Martin Hoelzle, Regine Hock, Isabelle Gärtner-Roer, Etienne Berthier, (2023) | Preprint

    Minor pulsations of Abramov glacier (Kyrgyzstan) observed with multi-sensor optical remote sensing
    Enrico Mattea, Horst Machguth, Etienne Berthier, Martin Hoelzle, (2023) | Preprint

    Fountain scheduling strategies for improving water-use efficiency of artificial ice reservoirs (Ice stupas)
    Cold Regions Science and Technology (2023) | Journal article

    Long-term firn and mass balance modelling for Abramov Glacier in the data-scarce Pamir Alay
    The Cryosphere (2022) | Journal article

    Adaptation to climate change induced water stress in major glacierized mountain regions
    Climate and Development (2022) | Journal article

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