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The current focus of my scholarship centers around three themes: 1. the relation between geopolitics and capitalism; 2. the role and structure of the ocean economy within capitalism; 3. the control of foreign land, sea and resources via untransparent and/or unaccountable governance mechanisms under the banner of the green and blue economy.


Broadly speaking, I have a background in political geography and critical political economy, with research and work experience in Belgium, Denmark, Fiji, Hungary, Kiribati, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and Vanuatu. Most of my research has been grant-funded. I have also conducted smaller research projects in Ghana, Japan, Morocco.


Previously, I have taught undergraduate and graduate classes in political geography, methodology, geographies of war, field research, and supervised several Master theses. I was awarded a Joint-PhD degree from King’s College London & National University of Singapore in 2019.


In 2023, I teach Political Geography and Environmental Geography.


Please get in touch via email for more information on my work or questions regarding supervision.

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