Juan David Carrillo Sanchez

SNSF Postdoc

Research Associate SNSF
Department of Biology


My main scientific goal is to understand the drivers and mechanisms that generate and erode biodiversity across space and time. I am interested in elucidating the relationships between i) biotic interactions and ii) abiotic factors (e.g., environmental changes) and changes of diversification, migration, and morphological variation. To achieve this goal, I used an interdisciplinary approach combining data from fossil and living organisms to study changes in diversity, in the distribution of species, and in their morphological evolution through time. I am also engaged in communicating science to society and increasing awareness of evolution and biodiversity.

Research and publications

  • Pre-prints
    2 publications
    Other. Rachel C.M. Warnock, Carlos Calderon del Cid, Sr., Torsten Hauffe, Juan D. Carrillo, Daniele Silvestro, Rachel C. M. Warnock, Carlos Calderón del Cid, “Challenges in estimating species age from phylogenetic trees” , 2023
    Other. Juan D. Carrillo, María Fernanda Torres Jímenez, Francisco J Urrea-Barreto, Alexandre Antonelli, Christine Bacon, Søren Faurby, Daniele Silvestro, “Uncoupled diversity and disparity after faunistic turnover in caviomorph rodents” , 2023
  • Books
    4 publications
    Book chapter. Juan D. Carrillo, Federico Moreno, “Plioceno”, in Hace Tiempo 2nd Edition (2023)
  • Other publications
    10 publications
    Other. Juan David Carrillo, Catalina Suarez, Aldo Benites-Palomino, Andrés Vanegas, Andrés Link, Aldo F. Rincón, Javier Luque, Siobhán B Cooke, Melissa Tallman, Guillaume Billet, “3D models related to the publication: New remains of Neotropical bunodont litopterns and the systematics of Megadolodinae (Mammalia: Litopterna)” , 2023
  • Journal Articles
    20 publications
    Journal article. Hans P. Püschel, Juan D. Carrillo, “Pleistocene South American native ungulates (Notoungulata and Litopterna) of the historical Roth collections in Switzerland, from the Pampean Region of Argentina”, Swiss Journal of Palaeontology (12.2023)
    Journal article. Juan D. Carrillo and Catalina Suarez and Aldo Marcelo Benites-Palomino and Andrés Vanegas and Andrés Link and Aldo F. Rincón and Javier Luque and Siobhán B. Cooke and Melissa Tallman and Guillaume Billet, “New remains of Neotropical bunodont litopterns and the systematics of Megadolodinae (Mammalia: Litopterna)”, Geodiversitas 45.15 (31.8.2023)
    Journal article. James S. Albert and Ana C. Carnaval and Suzette G. A. Flantua and Lúcia G. Lohmann and Camila C. Ribas and Douglas Riff and Juan D. Carrillo and Ying Fan and Jorge J. P. Figueiredo and Juan M. Guayasamin and Carina Hoorn and Gustavo H. de Melo and Nathália Nascimento and Carlos A. Quesada and Carmen Ulloa Ulloa and Pedro Val and Julia Arieira and Andrea C. Encalada and Carlos A. Nobre, “Human impacts outpace natural processes in the Amazon”, Science 379.6630 (27.1.2023)
    Journal article. Juan D. Carrillo, “Neotropical palaeontology: the Miocene La Venta biome”, Geodiversitas (2023)
  • Research projects

    Elucidating the effect of past climatic changes on species abundances in the tropics
    Start: 01.08.2022 - End: 31.07.2024

    Unravelling the effects of the Miocene global warming event in the tropics
    Start: 01.08.2021 - End: 31.07.2022