Yves Evéquoz

Master in Social Sciences

Scientific Librarian
Bibliothèque sociologie, politiques sociales et travail social

STA 01 bu. 01.102
Rte Bonnesfontaines 11
1700 Fribourg
Hours of presence
STA 01, 01.102

Research Associate
Master of Medicine

ARS 02 bu. 288
Rte des Arsenaux 41
1700 Fribourg
Hours of presence
ARS 02, 288


Yves Evéquoz, MA, is a scientific collaborator at the Institute of Family Medicine of the University of Fribourg. He holds an MA in Social Sciences with a specialization in Culture, Communication and Media from the University of Lausanne. His master thesis focuses on the grammars of homophobia used in the Swiss campaign against discriminations held by the socialist Mathias Reynard between the years 2010 and 2020. He is also scientific librarian University Library of Sociology, Social policies and Social work. Link to his LinkedIn profile: