Regula Ludi


Senior Researcher
Institut interdisciplinaire d'éthique et des droits de l'homme

BQC 13 bu. 2.721
Av. de Beauregard 13
1700 Fribourg
BQC 13, 2.721


My main research interests lie on the history of norms and their violation in the modern era. Previous research has covered the history of crime and criminal policies in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, refugee and refugee policies in the first half of the twentieth century, the Holocaust and responses to Nazi atrocities in postwar Europe (reparations, Nazi victims), and gender history. In my current research, I am addressing international and transnational human rights discourses in the interwar period and transitional justice as a new field of knowledge production in response to mass violence. Since 2021 I'm directing the SNF-project "The Gender of Voluntarism: Renegotiating the Social Division of Labor since the 1970s".

I also have teaching assignments at the History Department of the University of Zurich.

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