Travail de Master / Masterarbeit / Master's thesis

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    Faculty Faculty of Science and Medicine
    Domain Mathematics
    Code UE-SMA.05801
    Languages German , French, English
    Type of lesson Master work
    Level Master
    Semester SP-2022


    French Travail de Master
    German Masterarbeit
    English Master's thesis


    • Ghanaat Patrick
    Training objectives Every mathematician needs to be able to present mathematics in written form. He or she might have to present mathematical results to people from other fields, prepare study material for students or submit results for publication. During a period of six months, the student works under the supervision of an advisor on a project in a particular field of mathematics. He or she then writes the master’s thesis, a text reporting on the progress achieved, possibly with new results in the subject.
    Softskills No
    Off field No
    BeNeFri No
    Mobility Yes
    UniPop No
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    Travail écrit

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  • Assignment
    Valid for the following curricula:
    MSc in Mathematics [MA] 90
    Version: 2022_1/V_01
    MSc in Mathematics, Master thesis > MSc-MA, Master thesis (from AS2018 on)